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Jakarta Rental Car & Limousine Services

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On this page, we'll list additional services we may offer.

By bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to work with us. By developing a strong relationship, we hope that you will contact us for all your transportation needs.

Services we offer may include:

* Daily Rental car ( 12 Hours with Profesional Driver )

* Hourly Rental Car ( Min 3 Hours with Profesional Driver )

* All Day Chafuer ( 24 Hours Rental car With Profesional Driver )

* Monthly Rental Car With Or Without Driver

Our service type we offer very flexible for example :

1) Between and fetch from and to airport and hotel

Service with driver professional Ianguage able to inggris better and have owned the experience and knowledge will walke and Addres and officeblock building and housing

2) Between and fetch in and outside town

Service of vehicle rent with reliable driver and have owned the experience will walke the street in area of purpose of cutomer with Very Nice Driver character the patientness and owned good health.

3) Vehicle rent is per hour by minimizing the usage of 3 hour.

Service able to facilitate and very flexible with requirement of our cutomer with in serving by the driver professional.

4) Charfeur 12 price hour  .

Service during 12 hour for usage in and outside town to various need with various amenity on the way.

5) Rent full day 24 Jam

Service of vehicle rent during 24 Hour with driver to in utilizing in and outside town with maximal service

6) Rent Monthly with or without driver

Vehicle rent for  Monthly and Yearly at the price of the very kompetitif and have to the be free to high in usage of vehicle can in utilizing with driver and without driver.

7) Vehicle rent for wedding Ceremony 

Is the service cover levying of vehicle Brigegroom following with his decoration able to in utilizing during 8 hour package.

8) Service Driver Agency

Our Driver , previous have in do Verifikasi address and have experience at least during 3 Year, all our the driver we employed  is very professional, and entire/all the driver we place can converse in Ianguage engglish better, and very recognize many street in Jakarta and outside Town Jakarta.

mailto:arthomoro_limousine@yahoo.comMore Information and Reservation :
Telp : +6221 73455642 / +6221 98714910
+6221 68884425

"comfort, security and satisfaction of cutomer is the purpose of us"