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Jakarta Rental Car & Limousine Services


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Whether you want to arrive at your Prom or Graduation ceremony with a touch a class, or party your celebration with your friends afterwards - a prom night limo is perfect for you.


Jakarta Prom goers, your Jakarta Limousine chauffeur will make as many stops as you like before taking you to your prom / graduation & be ready to pick you up when the evening is over. Have a luxury limo & professional chauffeur driver at your service throughout your glamorous prom evening to keep everyone wondering just how special you are. Our luxury vehicles are also available, the H2 Hummer & the Super Stretch Excursion.

To All Parents, why worry about your teenagers' safety traveling to & from a Jakarta prom? Our professional, certified chauffeurs will stay focused on their task while your teenagers have fun & enjoy the evening. You can relax & feel confident that we will pick them up & deliver them to your front door safely. Also, know that they are in constant contact with our dispatch office for your piece of mind. We have permission slips to have signed for all underage minors for the safety of your children as well. Jakarta Rental Car & Limousine can meet the needs for all your Formal, Ball, & Prom limo requirements in Jakarta.

The use of liquor and cigarettes are not allowed in a Prom/Homecoming vehicle, even if someone in the party is of legal age. If such behavior is exhibited, there will be an immediate termination of the trip or charter, & the trip will still be billed in full. Passengers will also be held responsible for any damage to the vehicles including but not limited to scratches, excessive cleanup, stemware breakage, spills, etc.

Our company prides itself in catering to the needs of our younger guests by offering services to proms and formals.

These events include:

* A clean polished vehicle
* A courteous, knowledgeable & responsible chauffer
* Constant contact with our dispatch office so that parents may know where the vehicle is at all times.
* Fully stocked complimentary non-alcoholic bar

Contact us for order and sigh

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"comfort, security and satisfaction of cutomer is the purpose of us"